How to Handle "Trigger" Foods

How to handle trigger foods

Let's talk "Trigger" Foods.

The term trigger food is one we often use to describe a food that makes us feel out of control or conflicted.

Maybe it's because you've binged on that food before

Maybe it's because you're scared you can't trust yourself around it.

Maybe it's because someone told you that you can't have it.

Whatever the reason - when we see or are in the presence of a trigger food, it can create a stress response in our nervous system. This may occur without us even being aware of it! Remember, a stress response can arise out of any real or imagined threat. When you remain in a stress response, you make decisions from your primal brain rather than from your rational brain. The idea is to get you back on equal footing so you can make the best decisions both from a short term & long term perspective and to do it as neutrally as possible. The breath can help.

So, we're confronted with this food that we want so badly to enjoy but can't out of:

Judgement (ours or others)
Disappointment (in ourselves or the food)
Enjoying it TOO much only to deprive yourself yet again for months on end.

Next time you are "triggered" around certain foods or even certain food establishments use this 4-step protocol and tell me how it goes:

  1. take a minute to drop into the body. Notice where in your body the stress is manifesting & breathe through it.

  2. Take another minute to be consciously aware of what is happening both physically & emotionally within you and use your breath to guide you back towards a relaxation response.

  3. Remind yourself that it’s not really the food that is jarring you, but the recollection of feeling out of control and later even physically sick from overeating or binging on that food.

  4. Instead of hiding or avoiding the trigger food, try to have it around often to diffuse its power over you. The more it becomes something that is allowed, in abundance and without restriction, the more ho-hum and neutral it will become.

    What has been your experience with triggers foods and how have you dealt with them?

Did you know that there are 6 essential steps for empowered eating?

  1. Conscious eating

  2. embodiment

  3. Body trust

  4. heart centered habit shifts

  5. Hunger hormone recalibration

  6. self-care

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