"Jenny is an excellent coach because she is a good listener and because she is able to motivate and inspire her clients. She has extensive knowledge about the emotional aspects of food issues; she has compassion and a great sense of humor; and she provides a highly personal approach to her work. I was able to let go of weight loss as a driving force in my life and in my relationship with the food I eat. I would recommend Jenny as a coach to anyone who is looking to heal their relationship with food; who has trouble accepting their body and their weight; and who wants to try a new and exciting approach to health". -E.S.

Kit Bland

Kit Bland

"I was ready to enter into a new relationship with food, I just needed Jenny to point out where the door was.

 Jenny offered me insights that will stay with me forever—and which saved my life. She taught me to open my eyes and other senses in order to fully experience food, and to be fully present while eating. Embracing what seem to be simple concepts, mindfulness and abundance, changed not only my approach to food and eating, but changed me as a person. I now shop, prepare, and eat food consciously, ethically, healthfully, and happily.

 Through my work with Jenny I lost a significant amount of weight… without hunger, anxiety, or deprivation. Best of all, it required no will power, because she helped me discover that the desire to change was inside me all along.

 I had never used a coach before—and wasn’t sure what our sessions would entail. Our work together was essentially a long conversation, and I did much more listening than I expected to. This was a refreshing change from listening to myself over years of countless therapy sessions.

 I am grateful to Jenny for helping me change my life forever.” - Kit Bland

Alison Videto

"I just wanted to say thank you for your support and the work that you do. I've been looking for help like this my entire life, and I am endlessly grateful to finally be connected with the kind of help that I've so desperately needed. I also patched things up with my friend Rachel this weekend. Between the release of pain I've experienced from our last 2 sessions and the mending of fences with my friend, I am experiencing a DEEP SENSE OF SATISFACTION, contentment, peace, and joy. It's blissful.

This [my weight issue] has SO not been about the food -- which I've known for years and years and years -- but I'm finally gaining insight into my own self in ways that I was completely hopeless about even just 2 months ago. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing what you do and being such a good supportive presence. My life is utterly transforming because your work is helping me open doors that I've been beating against for the last 30 years. No end to my gratitude.

Your work ultimately is both figuratively and literally saving my life. It frustrates and boggles me that I've been actively seeking help like this through my doctors and insurances over the years, and NOT ONCE did anyone recommend eating psychology/food therapy. It was just dietician after dietician, recommendations for weight watchers, recommendations for various popular diets, recommendations for extreme vitamin supplements, recommendations for restrictive dieting on the SAD, recommendations for personal trainers, the list just goes on and on for 20+ years. NOBODY I asked could recommend a holistic program. NOBODY could tell me where to look. So I have no end of gratitude, This matters. So very much." -Alison Videto


Doris Wong

Doris Wong

"I wish I had found Jenny sooner! I was trying to find the root cause of my skin rashes and sought professional help. There was significant healing but I was unable to stick to the nutrition plans, holistic remedies, and supplements that were prescribed to me, so I reached out to Jenny hoping she could get me back on track. Jenny created a safe and comfortable environment which put me at ease and allowed me to open up to her. The great thing about Jenny was that she was able to help me recognize that my issue wasn’t with food, but with areas of my life that I didn’t realize was causing me stress. She gave me ideas on how to work through them and I had a lot of “a ha” moments in the process. My skin improved dramatically without changing my diet! I could not have done this alone. Thank you Jenny!” - Doris W.”

“Jenny provided concrete, useful tools to help me change my relationship with food and body. And she did so with warmth, humor, and true compassion.

She is truly a gifted facilitator with an incredible expertise in this field. Highly recommended!” - Louise Q

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“I have learned to stop fighting my body and start supporting it and

appreciating it. I have remembered to pause and listen because I have the

answers and the wisdom - I don't need to look elsewhere or outside of

myself to find them. Jenny has been instrumental in helping me remember

what is best for me and that can look different for everyone” - Julie K


"It is hard to put into words the incredible impact that Jenny has had on my life, but I will try. Before I read Jenny’s book, I had spent most of my life with an unhappy view of my body image. I had struggled with feeling good about myself overall because I didn’t fit the mold of what I and society viewed as acceptable. I also struggled with using food as reward and punishment and often felt like a dieting failure. After reading Jenny’s book, I jumped at the chance to take her Eating Empowerment 10-week class. I couldn’t wait to find out what her “secret” was! Jenny took us on the most amazing journey of self-discovery. She has helped me break down the barriers that have stood in the way of me becoming my happiest me. She has taught me to listen and trust myself. I am now coaching with Jenny one and one and could not be happier with the breakthroughs she is helping me attain. My new found perspective is helping me find more joy and pleasure not only in my food choices, but in life itself. Thank you Jenny!!!" –Colleen Guerriero 

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best mindful eating coach

“Jenny has been instrumental in helping me remember what is best for me and that can look different for everyone. Change comes from love and compassion, not desperation or urgency. This class helped me to ask myself the questions I needed to understand my patterns and underlying beliefs. Being able to reflect and access this information in itself has been profound. Jenny has a solid repertoire of knowledge and experience and a unique ability to be completely present and address every subtlety that arises in a conversation. She draws from her wealth of expertise to offer just the right guidance or insight to support long term problem solving and empower people on their journey. She individualizes learning by providing options that can be tailored for anyone.”

- Kristie