6 Ways to Feel AMAZING in your Bathing Suit this Summer

how to feel good in your bathing suit

Today, I'm going to be talking about 6 ways to feel AMAZING in your bathing suit this summer - and no, I'm not going to tell you to just put it on, head to the beach and voila!

Doesn't really work that way.

Yes, intellectually we know we have every right to wear whatever we want on the beach and that every body is a worthy body. But to simplify the arduous and emotionally draining task of learning to accept, honor and embody our bodies does a disservice to those who are desperate for relief and reprieve.

It does a disservice because it makes others feel that we all just need to raise our middle fingers to diet culture, body-shamers and the patriarchy and we're cured.

No. It takes much more than that. And it takes a LONG time. I'm not going to BS you and say you wake up one day and just LURRRVE your body. It takes practice and mindset shifts and a deeper body awareness in general which we are not taught!

Today, I am going to give you some real, practical tips to use when you're feeling self-conscious and/or insecure or worse, totally uncomfortable in your skin at the beach or pool (without trying to alter/change/bully your body into looking different.) It won't be a cure-all or a panacea to body-image challenges but it can move you further on that path.

This summer - be on whatever part of that path makes sense for YOU.

Which of these will you try?


Find a bathing suit that fits your unique body and style.  Make sure it is comfortable and is the correct size. (I love www.modcloth.com to buy amazingly comfortable and stylish suits).

Challenge Unhelpful Thoughts

Recognize and acknowledge that you feel like people may be looking at you and/or making judgements.  Ask yourself. Is this true? Or is it a story I’m making up because of how I feel about myself?

Jump in, the water’s fine

Get in the water.  We are all weightless in water and the sensory experience can help us feel embodied - one of the ways we can improve our body image.

Thought Bubble Mantras

Stand at the pool or beach for a moment in complete mindfulness and presence.  Notice the thought bubbles, just notice how your body feels and where you are holding tension, ambivalence or stress.  Breathe through that and recite a positive mantra. “I am worthy as I am” “My body is meant to do amazing things.” “I will not let shame or fear hold me back for what I want to do in my life.”  or make up your own.  


Take a minute to notice other people at the pool or beach.  Notice how we are all interconnected and we all feel the same concerns, insecurities and self-judgements.  Most people are too wrapped up in their own body concerns to be worrying or judging you. Seriously. Remember that.  We all have our stories - you’re allowed to let go of yours.


Take a minute to compliment someone.  Complimenting others is a gift to them but also to you.  It doesn't have to be about that person’s looks or their bathing suit.  It could be about how well they are managing with watching 3 kids at the pool or their really nice beach bag or for their taste in music.  Whatever. Give yourself a gift by making someone else’s day.  

Like these and need more support? Check out my Body-reverence Coaching package and apply today! We’ll see if we’re a soul mate fit to work together.