Jenny Eden Berk

The Eating Empowerment Series

10 weeks to feeling calm, confident and in control with food so that you can stop obsessing about your diet and start slaying in life.


Wouldn’t it be a huge relief if you could…

  • Stop obsessing about food all the time

  • Find your body’s natural set point

  • Understand intuitively what your body wants and needs

  • Have an organized and consistent meal planning system

  • Release the need to ever binge, overeat or stress eat again?

You can, and The Eating Empowerment Program will show you how.

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 You've had the know-how all along...

You just need someone to help you tap back into your intuitive wisdom

Remember that anxious knot-in-your stomach feeling you had the night before starting a new diet - the soul-crushing realization that “the party’s over” and now you have to get “serious”?
There’s a tentative hope and excitement that this time will be different, of course, and maybe it will. But, you brace yourself for certain failure nonetheless.

I mean, you’ve danced this dance before.

You research and join a new diet program based on unrealistic calorie, macro or portion-control
You white knuckle your way through it until you can’t stand a second more
You binge on all the foods you’ve denied yourself for months
Look the other way for a few months and “eat intuitively”
And then you find yourself shocked one day while passing a mirror or at a doctor’s visit that it’s gotten “this” bad.

You start crowdsourcing or researching solutions. That juice cleanse looks nice, but you just can’t imagine your husband wanting to sleep next to you with ::whispers:: all that gas.

You finally choose a program, get motivated, get started and...


My clients have jumped ship from that toxic stew that I call “Dejavu” dieting.

My graduates and clients don’t have to deal with that insidious loop ever again. They’ve woken up to how diets and diet culture harms us and strips us of our own inherent body-wisdom. They now know that their preoccupation with weight loss actually prevented them from losing weight in the first place. They know that chronic yo-yo dieting created hormonal shifts and systemic stress in their bodies that without this program, never would have been recalibrated and rebalanced.

They’ve built a super-strong arsenal of tools and skills to use that empowers them to know exactly how to handle any food situation intuitively.

And most importantly…

They have massive healing tools at their disposal to help reduce stress and focus on long-term sustainable habit shifts with food and self-care.

They look forward to eating now. They know and trust that they’ll make the food and eating decisions best for them — no matter what the circumstance.

I see you. I truly Do

For instance, I know you think about food constantly.

I know you worry about every decision you make with food.

I know you don’t trust yourself around some foods and think that unless you are held accountable somehow, you’ll always end up making the wrong choices AND eating too much.

I also know you have no idea how to tell if you’re really hungry or if you’re just stressed out and tired.

I know that you’re convinced that if you just work harder, find more will-power or force yourself to push harder on that treadmill, that you’ll release some of this weight and be happy.

I know you just want to feel like yourself again.

I also know that part of you has just given up thinking you’ll ever succeed in this area of your life and you go into each new program less and less confident that you can do this to yourself again.

Let me give you permission to release all of that.  I’ve done it and so can you.

Body image program

My name is Jenny Eden Berk and I am Eating Empowerment Coach and body-image mentor.

Why should you listen to me over the countless other voices in the emotional, stress, binge & overeating field? Let me give you the short answer (because we are all busy).

I have Masters degree in Education and Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, Certificates in Eating Psychology and Mindful Eating as well as 17 years of experience in coaching and mentoring.

I'm also a #1 best-selling author of the book, The Body Image Blueprint and an International speaker.

I have worked with thousands of former yo-yo dieters and helped them go from ashamed, confused and out-of-control with eating to calm, confident and empowered with food, in any situation in as little as 10-weeks.

I do this work and I created this program because I love being able to help people who struggle with emotional, stress, binge and overeating. I love knowing that they can forever say ‘buhbye’ to disordered eating and dejavu dieting, seriously. FOR EVER.

How do I know?

I went on my own path of facing food fear and body blame and landed in a peaceful place, far away from the food obsession, MIstrust in my own body and yo-yo diets that stayed closely by my side on and off for 30 years.

It took me 3 years to heal my hunger hormones and recalibrate my metabolism after all those years of dieting. I had to get to know my body again and agree to really communicate and honor it. I’ve put together everything I’ve learned and implemented in both my own life and for my clients into a 10-week program so you can do it even faster.

Watch Alison's powerful transformation!

"Your work ultimately is both figuratively and literally saving my life. It frustrates and boggles me that I've been actively seeking help like this through my doctors and insurances over the years, and NOT ONCE did anyone recommend eating psychology/food therapy. It was just dietician after dietician, recommendations for Weight Watchers, recommendations for various popular diets, recommendations for extreme vitamin supplements, recommendations for restrictive dieting on the SAD, recommendations for personal trainers, the list just goes on and on for 20+ years. NOBODY I asked could recommend a holistic program. NOBODY could tell me where to look." - Alison Videto, Graduate of the Eating Empowerment Program


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What exactly is Eating Empowerment?

Eating Empowerment is the process of learning to trust & communicate with your body as it relates to food in a compassionate, intuitive way. It's about mindful eating. It's about navigating the murky waters of leading a healthy lifestyle when our food and dieting culture make it nearly impossible to do so. And it's about releasing shame, morality and fear around food so that you can tap into joy, awareness, and pleasure with food again.

Here are some ways former students have described what Eating Empowerment means to them...

  • "It means that I might come from a more conscious adult place when making my food choices, as opposed to from a scared and ‘hungry’ child mentality."

  • "That you can become empowered by food (instead of always feeling controlled by it - as opposed to having control over it). More so that food isn’t the enemy; that food is a self care way to nourish your body & spirit."

  • "Eating like a human being, naturally, no rules or diets. My body knowing intuitively what is good for it. It is important because I would be in control of my life again and hopefully my body would return to its natural healthy state."

Here’s what I know…

You have spent too many years not communicating with, trusting or respecting your body.

You’ve relied on books, nutritionists and experts to tell you what, how much, and when to eat instead of letting your body answer those questions.

You feel daily guilt for not eating "right" even when you know better, and you're tired of endless struggle and maddening inner dialogue.

You're always “treating” yourself with food because you feel like you have no other pleasure in your life or because you're stressed about something (everything).

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The day is June, 2020 (stick with me, I haven’t lost my mind)

You are celebrating.


Because you have done the work. You’ve completed The Eating Empowerment Series.

You have lived and breathed it, implemented, acted upon it, generally been a freakin’ rockstar and now...well now you can break free from dieting forever ...which means

You're confident, energetic, and in control around food for the first time ever.

You're spending more time playing with your kids and less time mindlessly eating their leftover goldfish.

You're no longer spending thousands of dollars on programs that only put a band-aid on your wound - not to mention the hundreds of dollars saved on medical services, books and medications.

Let’s carry on our little fantasy...
The day begins and you wake up feeling connected, confident and energetic knowing that you won't have to agonize about your food choices today.

You drink your morning coffee, savor that smoothie, exercise for joy, and slip on that pair of jeans feeling completely at ease in your body.

And you continue the day, not a person burdened with decision anxiety about food all day, every day. You’re not one of those people any more. You’re the one with the secret to long-term eating empowerment. Ahhhhhh.

So my question is - if there was something that allowed you to do this, to create this day, this life, this existence - Would you take it?

Because there IS...

The Eating Empowerment Series gives you that confidence with food without having to enroll and spend more money in another soul-crushing, depriving diet program based on will-power and restriction.

Come and get unshackled from diet culture once and for all.

Now is your time.




High Touch Point Expert Coaching

With a Masters in Psychology & Education from the University of Pennsylvania and 17 years as a coach in the field of Health, Wellness and Eating Psychology, you are not only getting my support but also benefitting from my expertise and experience. Even with the self-guided option, you’ll get free weekly Q&A and “ask me anything” sessions as well as my feedback in our private Facebook community.

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Online learning portal

You’ll receive lifetime access to 10 modules (plus bonus modules) with hours of additional articles, exercises, meditations and recipes. They are there for you to refer back to whenever you need an extra boost or want to revisit a topic we’ve covered.


Private Facebook Group Community with additional live trainings

Build community, friendships and access the support and extra accountability with other participants and graduates of the Eating Empowerment Series. You'll have lifetime access. Graduates of the Eating Empowerment Series enjoy connecting and keeping in touch with other grads and supporting new students.

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Copy of the #1 best-selling book, “The Body Image Blueprint”*

According to recent studies on body-image, 91% of women are unhappy with their appearance. Attempts to live up to a subjective societal, yet mostly unattainable body ideal, is stripping women and girls of their power and hurting their psyches. My book, which reveals how I became indoctrinated into and eventually became unshackled from dieting culture, tells an important story of how we can tap into our inner light and gifts to help change our world.

This book also covers 4 body-image healing realms: the Embodiment Realm, the Physical Realm, the Social Realm and the Nutritional Realm.

*Only available for the full group-coaching program offer


Meal Planning Hacks

Meal planning tactics that you've never tried before to save you hours in the kitchen or grocery store and reduce food waste, even if you’ve never been able to pre-plan your meals in the past.

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Weekly Recipe Shares

Imagine receiving plant-based, easy and delicious recipes with step-by-step cooking techniques by a renowned French Culinary Institute Chef Instructor. With this program you’ll get over 20 high quality, scrumptious recipes to support your path in conscious, healthy eating.


Workbooks, Resources, meditations, and guest speakers

You will receive 10 full interactive workbooks - one for each module that includes journal prompts to help you deepen your connection to food and your body. You’ll get guided meditations, pick-me-ups, love notes and a template to create your Emotional Eaters Manifesto. Each of these resources are designed to give you insight, confidence and strategies to support balanced, healthy and relaxed eating. We’ll also have a few special guest experts to provide special lessons and trainings for you.


Listen to how Julie realized that her mindless eating was preventing her from truly enjoying food.


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True or false?

  • You think dieting is the only way that you can lose weight

  • You believe that willpower and deprivation is the only way to control your eating and "tame" your broken appetite

  • You think your body, situation or metabolism is just different than everyone else’s and therefore nothing can help you

If you answered TRUE, then it’s best we part ways now, because The Eating Empowerment Series is not for you.

The Eating Empowerment Series is not for everyone. It just isn’t. And I am 100% ok with that.

So, if you aren’t ready to look deeper at the root of your eating concerns
If you are not willing or ready to ditch quick-fix solutions
If you are not willing to address and challenge your long-standing beliefs...
No hard feelings, I still love you but this is not the thing you are looking for.

But if you are a sensitive, soulful and self-aware human, sick of spending all the time worrying about food and your weight and what you'll eat each day,

And you want to FINALLY stop listening to diet programs that seek to make money off your body insecurity, and feel ready to listen to someone who knows what will work for the long haul, from a calm, balanced and happy place.

Then heyyyy you...take a walk with me. I have something you’re going to LUURRRVE.


 ✅This program is a perfect fit for you if...

  • You’re looking for a gentler approach to overcoming your emotional, stress, binge or overeating

  • You are already pretty insightful and reflective, but you are ready to do some deeper work

  • You are able to invest a couple of hours per week in the lessons and homework

  • You're sick of always starting and stopping diets and just want to settle into your happy weight and feel good in your body

  • You want to leverage the power of a group container for support and accountability.


  • You only want to lose weight and don’t care about improving your relationship with food

  • You are looking for a quick fix

  • You’re not willing to invest a few hours a week to your health and well being

  • You don’t think that investing money into your long-term health is important

  • You prefer to have someone just tell you what and how to eat instead of learning the intuitive skills to answer the questions for yourself.

This is really all you need to know..

The Eating Empowerment Series is THE ONLY online course that tackles Eating Psychology, Behavioral Modification and Mindfulness and Intuitive Eating strategies at the same time.

If you know any other Course Bundle that helps you recalibrate your hunger hormones and lay down new neural pathways for long term eating habit shifts WITHOUT changing anything that you're already eating

If you can find another Course Bundle that helps you feel calm, confident and in CONTROL of your eating in any food situation, even if you've failed before many, many times…

Or if you can show me a Course Bundle that sets you up for long-term success instead of a quick-fix or a binge-remorse-repent-repeat loop.

I WILL EAT MY OWN TOENAILS (well, not really but you weren’t expecting that, right?)

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 Sneak Peek at all 10 modules!

When you join the Eating Empowerment Series you'll be taken on a powerful 10-week experience where each module builds on another to empower, enlighten and embolden your relationship with food and body.

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MODULE 1: Mind/Body Nutrition

In this foundation building lesson, you’ll learn 8 mind/body nutrition principals and learn how to find your “sweet spot” of nutrition using a method I developed that I will personally teach you. This method works no matter what eating protocol or diet you follow and no matter how many times you’ve “failed” to eat healthy in the past.


MODULE 3: BINGE, STress, & Emotional EATING, Part 1

In this module, we deconstruct the most common reasons for why we binge, stress, or overeat. Learning the reasons helps us get to the core of how to tackle the problem.

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MODULE 5: Mindful and intuitive eating

This week, we'll dig into exercises intended to help you understand your hunger and satiety cues, slow down while you eat, and remove distractions. You'll practice how to use all of your senses when you eat and will be amazed at how you’ll be able to “decode” what your body needs, no matter the situation. This week includes a mindful eating culinary experience with chocolate.


MODULE 7: Body IMage

Based on the 4 realms of body image healing from my best-selling book, The Body Image Blueprint, I will guide you through embodiment techniques which not only improve body acceptance and confidence but also play a key role in your relationship with food.

Untitled design (30).png


In this module, we'll take a deep look at why diets fail and how they also create hormone imbalance, stress chemistry and even GI distress. We'll explore how diet culture harms us and takes us further away from our own intuition with food. Then, I’ll walk you through my method for gently releasing weight (and maintaining the body’s happy set-point) using mindful and intuitive eating practices.

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MODULE 4: Binge, Stress, & EMOTIONAL EATING, PArt 2

This is my step-by-step proprietary system on how to manage, curb and end emotional, stress, binge and overeating. It includes guided meditations, and exercises designed to retrain your brain and lay down new neural pathways around food habits.

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MODULE 6: Fullness vs. Satiety

Did you know there is a distinct difference between merely being full and experiencing full body satiety? In week 6 I’ll teach you my best practices on choosing the best foods for full body fullness and satisfaction that lasts for hours. I will be sharing recipes and ingredients that help you achieve this, as well as guide you through a special body awareness exercise designed to deepen your mind/body connection.

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MODULE 8: Eating empowerment on the Go

Life often gets in the way of goals and desires we have around our health, self-care and self-development. In Module 8, we'll uncover and unpack effective and sustainable practices for how to feel empowered around food when you're on the go, at a party, or going to a restaurant. We'll look at tools that can help you enjoy the moment rather than obsess about what you will or will not eat, while keeping all the new skills you've learned intact.

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MODULE 9: Pillars of Health & Hubs to Happiness

We often use food as a surrogate for deeper needs we're not fulfilling in our regular lives. I have identified 10 Pillars of health and happiness hubs to explore, and developed a self-care audit to help you understand what areas in your own life might be out of balance, making food more important in your life than it needs to be.

Untitled design (31).png

MOdule 10: Heart-Centered Habit shifts

Knowing what we need to do to make sustainable changes in our lives is one thing. Learning how to actually implement these changes is quite another. In this last module, I will teach you10 techniques to build consistency and mastery of the new habits and behaviors you’ll learn in the program. These are proven behavioral modification methods that I learned during my13 years as a Behavioral Health Clinician at a National Health and Weight Management Company.

Let’s think about this seriously for a minute…

You could join another fad or diet program that doesn't work long-term and ultimately damages your metabolism (and your confidence) and spend between $1000-$5000 doing it.


You could see yet another doctor, dietician or expert to find the "right" foods to eat and figure out what is broken in your body (or brain) and spend another few grand.

You could of course raid amazon for every and all self-help and diet book they have and spend between hundreds and hundreds of dollars
but still not resolve the long-term or underlying reason why food is a struggle for you.

Remember, diet culture relies on you not trusting, communicating or respecting your body's unique biochemical make-up and preys on your body insecurities.

With The Eating Empowerment Series…

You are not only avoiding all those expensive, disturbing and frankly unnecessary things but you are also giving yourself the even greater gift of feeling in control with food without ever having to diet again.

When it comes down it, the question of whether it’s worth it is really up to you. But let me tell you this: I don’t think there’s been a single student who has enrolled in The Eating Empowerment Series who wasn’t in some way hesitant about the price tag beforehand.

But the bottom line is this: When you make the decision to join The Eating Empowerment Series, you’re investing in more than just an online program – you’re investing in yourself. Your hopes, your dreams and your future.

Every one of those students who took a chance and really invested in their health and self-development is now seeing what’s really possible.

I truly believe that in a few weeks time you’ll be thanking your past self for having the hubris and faith to put a little skin in the game.

 Listen to how Colleen found peace and freedom around food beyond what she ever expected.

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Bonus 1

The Well-Woman Vitality Pack. 

You'll instantly get 7 Powerful Masterclasses led by myself and fellow coaches, Sarah Steckler and Cait Byrnes ranging from Meal Planning to Self-Care and Mindful Productivity ($197 Value)

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Bonus 2

The ‘Why You'll Never Fail Again’ Framework™️

Watch this compelling 3-part video series on how my approach will be the last one you ever try.  When you follow the steps and use the accompanying worksheet, you’ll see just how overwhelmingly content and successful you will be. ($197 Value)

EES bonus mock-ups for sales page.png

Bonus 3

How Empowered Eating Gives you Back your TIME

This framework shows you how you can actually reclaim your time, bandwidth and energy spent obsessing about food and redirecting that precious time and mental resources to your loved ones and passions. It includes a time-audit worksheet.  ($327 Value)

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Bonus 4

The Empowered Eaters Guide to Saving Money

Did you know that you can actually recoup the entire investment of this program just by following the steps listed in this workbook and checklist.  Many people end up SAVING money when they do this program because of this simple guide. ($127 Value)

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Bonus 5

LIVE 60-minute Office Hours and ask me anything ZOOM SESSIONS

Get additional training, support, hot seat coaching and connected community with these live office hours calls. This bonus is available no matter which tier you choose. ($1500 Value)

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Bonus 6

Course Community

Get 24/7 access to an incredible community of current students and graduates of the Eating Empowerment Program.  Share your triumphs and get support and coaching from the successful graduates of the program. ($800 Value)

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+ Why should I spend my hard-earned money on this program?

Here’s something I want you to hear: if your problem is emotional eating, night time bingeing, mindless eating, or chronic over-eating, and you’re still trying to fix it by focusing on the food or your weight, you’re focusing on the wrong thing.

If you continue to focus on WHAT you’re eating rather than WHY you keep falling into the same patterns around food again and again – you’re going to keep getting the same results.

That may sound harsh but I care enough about you to speak the truth.

I also know because I have been exactly where you are.

Once you stop focusing exclusively on the food and start addressing the ROOT CAUSE (the thoughts, habits and patterns that are making you turn to ice cream and French fries again and again), those cravings and old habits will fall away and you’ll be in a position where the healthy choices will start to feel natural and automatic.

+ Is there a refund if the program does not meet my expectations?

The short answer is yes. I would never want anyone to do this program if it's not a good fit and you're not feel completely satisfied and beyond thrilled at the results. However, I do ask that you attend each session live for a month and complete all the trainings, worksheets, journal prompts and homework assignments. If after completing the first 4 modules you are unsatisfied, you will receive a full refund (minus a small processing fee). Read the full details here.

+ What makes you and this program different than other coaches, healers and experts?

Can I be frank? I know how it’s “supposed” to go, I’m supposed to tease you with the idea of having something you might be interested in, to flirt with your brain and do the mating dance of the dodo. But here’s the thing, we’re all short on time and there’s a reason the dodo is dead.

This program will make you Mindless to Mindful Eater in 10-weeks without spending thousands of dollars soul-crushing, pleasure erasing diet and restrictive diets that only work short-term. You can finally break free from food obsession and diet culture in as little as 10 weeks, even if You have been burned before and are frightened of failing yet another program

Here are just some of the things you get when you decide to invest in The Eating Empowerment Series:

-Meal planning tactics that you've never tried before to save you hours in the kitchen or grocery store

-Guided meditations, and mindful eating exercises designed to retrain your brain and neural pathways around food habits

-Step-by-step system on how to manage, curb and end emotional, stress, binge and overeating.

As for what make me different than other coaches/healers you've worked with - I think my client Lauren sums it up well

"Jenny, you are an inspiration and a literal life saver. I will never have the words to tell you exactly how much this program has meant to me. I feel powerful and able to nourish myself. I have all of the answers within me, I just have to keep listening."

+ Will I lose weight in this program??

You might lose weight, you might not. I've had graduates of the Eating Empowerment Program lose 90 pounds without focusing on weight at all. There are some who lose 10 pounds and some nothing at all. But, I don't promise weight loss. I do promise relief. The practices and techniques in this program are designed to get to the root cause of your eating concerns. By healing that, and by reducing stress, focusing on self care and unpacking your relationship with food, weight loss often follows naturally without any force, strain or will power.

+ I don’t have that kind of money lying around, how can I participate?

Yes, I admit that this is a big investment. But let's do an experiment. Go into your banking history and tell me how much you’ve spent on diets, programs, nutritionists, specialty doctor visits, pills, trainers and books to figure this out. Now imagine spending only as fraction of that total amount on a program that will sustain you for LIFE and make you happier and more peaceful than you’ve ever been. The added value from bonuses, my book and 1:1 coaching (if you choose the VIP option) alone will make the investment a no-brainer.

I also have several pricing plans to choose from because I want this program to be as affordable and accessible as possible for everyone.


Giving Back and Paying it Forward


 I deeply believe in giving back and using my own healing around food for good.  

While so many of us struggle with an abundance of food choices that leads to confused and even disordered eating, we also recognize that there are people in this very country and abroad who live with food insecurity every day.  They don’t have access to healthy foods, and often don’t even know where their next meal is coming from. As we get empowered in our own eating and release what is no longer serving us, you’ll also have peace of mind that part of your tuition will be going towards ending hunger right here in the US.  A portion of your tuition will be donated to The Greater Boston Food Bank, an organization that helps feed men, women and children all across Eastern Massachusetts, so we can give back and pay it forward as we heal from years of chronic self-prescribed restriction and denial.


Hear how Marlisa found her own voice and learned to advocate for herself find peace and pleasure with food again.

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Love Notes from Happy Students

Listen to these stories and ask yourself, “Are these people an entirely different breed of human?”
Your answer will be a big resounding NO.

And you know what that means? It means you can do it too.

These people all doubted their ability to succeed where they have always failed before. Just like you, these people also thought to themselves that they were too busy, too overwhelmed and just "different" from everyone else and that it wouldn't work for them. They were wrong.

Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 6.22.05 PM.png

Colleen Guerriero

Its hard to put into words the incredible impact Jenny and her program have had on my life, but I will try. Before I read Jenny's book, I had spent most of my life with an unhappy view of my body image. I struggled with using food as a reward and punishment and often felt like a dieting failure. After reading Jenny's book, I jumped at the chance to take her Eating Empowerment 10-week class. I couldn't wait to find out what her "secret" was! Jenny took us on the most amazing journey of self-discovery. She has helped me break down the barriers that have stood in the way of me becoming my happiest me. She has taught me to listen and trust myself. I am now coaching with Jenny 1:1 and could not be happier with the breakthroughs she is helping me attain. Thank you Jenny!

Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 6.20.08 PM.png

Kristi Johnson

It is difficult to sum up how much I learned in 10 weeks, the impactful support I received from Jenny, the weekly group zoom calls, and the transformation I experienced. Before this program I had explored many books and approaches to empowered eating. Jenny's program differs in it's tailored, weekly approach to learning. Each week includes structured windows and prompts to practice and integrate new information. The zoom calls provide an opportunity to relate, gain insight, and share challenges and victories. Jenny offers dynamic support via the zoom calls as well as hot seat coaching. The program offers both a macro and micro approach to learning including research based articles, meditations, specific strategies, and addresses cultural pressures and learned behaviors. I have learned to stop fighting my body and start supporting it and appreciating it. I have remembered to pause and listen because I have the answers and the wisdom - I don't need to look elsewhere or outside of myself to find them. Jenny has been instrumental in helping me remember what is best for me and that can look different for everyone. Change comes from love and compassion, not desperation or urgency. This class helped me to ask myself the questions I needed to understand my patterns and underlying beliefs. Being able to reflect and access this information in itself has been profound. Jenny has a solid repertoire of knowledge and experience and a unique ability to be completely present and address every subtlety that arises in a conversation. She draws from her wealth of expertise to offer just the right guidance or insight to support long term problem solving and empower people on their journey. She individualizes learning by providing options that can be tailored for anyone.”

Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 6.20.17 PM.png

Julie Kashen

The Eating Empowerment Course was a total game changer for me. Jenny provided concrete, useful tools to help me change my relationship with food and my body, and she did so with warmth, humor and true compassion. She is truly a gifted facilitator with an incredible expertise in this field. Highly recommended.

Pricing Plans

Flexible payment-plans are available



The Eating Empowerment Series 10-week Program

Self-Guided Program


  • Ten 60-Minute Live weekly Office Hours and Hot-seat coaching

  • Private Facebook Group Community

  • Copy of the #1 best-selling book, The Body Image Blueprint

  • Done-for-you Macronutrient Balanced Shopping List

  • Lifetime access to additional trainings, workbooks, journal prompts, resources and videos



THE Eating empowerment Series 10-Week Program

Program plus small-group coaching support

Includes EVERYTHING in the Eating Empowerment Series 10-Week Program PLUS...

  • Lifetime access to the self-guided sister course,The Consistency Cure

  • THREE 60-minute 1:1 sessions with Jenny

  • 10 group coaching zoom calls with lessons and individual support.

Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 5.39.16 PM.png

Refund Policy

I want you to try The Eating Empowerment Series at my risk. Because I know it works but you don’t …yet!

If you aren’t 100% satisfied, and I mean even 1% unhappy, I want you to immediately return it. I mean it, I don’t want your money.

I value our relationship and my reputation more than a few hundred bucks. So please, try The Eating Empowerment Series for 4 weeks (even though you will get everything immediately), I am giving you that time to be completely sure and utterly satisfied. I won’t take anything less!

I do ask that you watch weeks 1-4 video trainings and complete all the worksheets, journal prompts and homework assignments.  If after completing the first 4 modules you are unsatisfied, you will receive a full refund (minus a small processing fee)

So go ahead, buy now – you have plenty of time to go through everything and decide if this is the right fit for you. But you’ll never know unless you take a chance and invest in yourself. 


So, if you’re ready to suddenly feel like it’s a little bit easier to say "no thanks" to the second helping…


You’re ready for those chips in the cupboard not to call to you as loudly at night any more…


You're ready to start to feeling like you've moved into the driver's seat, and that the food has less and less pull over you…

Then, I welcome you with open arms to the Eating Empowerment Series. Don’t miss this opportunity to completely transform your relationship with food, starting TODAY. Watch this final short video inviting you on this journey with me. See you on the other side!

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that you have received and agreed to the terms linked below. 

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